Voting in the European elections is taking place right now, between 6-9 June, and the European Textile Services Association (ETSA) and its members are playing an important role in getting people out to vote across all the European nations. Elena Lai, secretary general of the European textile services association explained how at the recent ETSA conference in Prague, saying: “We aren’t telling people how they should vote or for whom, but encouraging them to go out and make their voices heard on polling day.”

“ETSA proudly stands behind and supports the European Parliament’s #UseYourVote campaign, recognising the immense importance of civic engagement and voting. We believe that voting is not just a right but a responsibility, ensuring the continued growth and stability of our communities.” ETSA has been active in promoting the upcoming European Elections from 6-9 June (date depends country to country). 

The #UseYourVote campaign encourages European citizens to exercise their voting rights. The European Parliament shapes policies that impact many aspects of people’s lives, making it vital for every eligible voter to participate in the electoral process whatever their political leanings, she said.

“ETSA’s commitment to this campaign is unwavering,” said Lai. “A high voter turnout is essential for a well-functioning European Union, ensuring that elected representatives reflect the will of the people. By supporting #UseYourVote, we emphasise that every vote counts and every voice matters. We encourage all ETSA members and stakeholders to actively participate in the campaign. Share materials and resources from the European Parliament within your networks through social media, newsletters, or community events. Every effort to spread the word makes a difference. You can also spread the word by sharing the video created by the European Parliament, embedded at the bottom of this page.

“Moreover, ETSA has drafted an industry manifesto, outlining our vision, priorities, and commitments to sustainable and ethical practices in the textile services sector. This manifesto reflects our dedication to innovation, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. We invite all members to review the manifesto and join us in driving positive change within our industry.

“In conclusion, ETSA is honoured to support the European Parliament’s #UseYourVote campaign. A strong democracy requires active citizen participation, and voting is the most direct way to influence our shared future. We call on all members and partners to join us in this important endeavour, to use their voices, and to encourage others to do the same. Together, we can ensure that the European Parliament reflects the diverse and dynamic population it serves. Let us all #UseYourVote and make our democracy stronger.”

In a year of elections which, as well as those for the European Parliament, is witnessing the USA Presidential contest, and those in India and the UK, and elsewhere, the question is, will Europe be heading right or left?