ExpoDetergo saw Stahl launching a unique feature that customers had been waiting for from the company, according to sales director Sebastian Hatz.  

Hatz, who hailed ExpoDetergo 2018 as n extremely positive experience, explained: “Feedback from our customers was one inspiration for a highlight that excited our new and exisiting clients. The unique feature involves laundry machines from the ATOLL and Divimat series. With the new function, it is now possible to change different parameters flexibly during a running process. Specifically, this means, for example, that if it becomes clear during a laundry process that a longer holding time or more water is needed, these settings are adjustable with the new generation of machines.

“The new settings not only apply to the current cycle, but can be conveniently saved as a default for further washing cycles. The parameters ‘temperature,’ ‘holding time’, ‘water level’, ‘number of revolutions’, ‘purge time’, ‘spinning time’ and ‘spin speed’ are separately adjustable during a running wash, rinsing or spinning program.”

Stahl also showed its third generation T352-T356 dryers, with improved recirculation. “The latest generation has a low-maintenance drive system, an additional lint filter to protect the steam register (which is particularly easy to clean), the possibility of full isolation and optimised residual moisture measurement. Additionally, the dryers become more flexible: With adjustable feet, they can be perfectly aligned on any surface, and can also be rearranged quite easily by a lift car.

The Flatiron, laundry-feed, and folding machines drew most attention because they open up an enormous saving potential, says Hatz:. “For customers, who are looking for a new laundry-feed machine, an investment in the new SERVANT is worth it. The machine has undergone a significant overhaul, including a clamping-feed secured by a light-grid and light control for a simplified laundry input. On request, SERVANT can additionally be equipped with a stretch conveyor, brushing device and blower tube for loosening and spreading laundry when entering. The laundry input is optional and possible for up to three stations.

Customers were excited about these innovations, said Hatz who admitted: “That delights me. Being close to the market and delivering the best to our customers – that has always been the philosophy of Stahl. We are pleased to have succeeded in proving this with our new feature and new products and that we are making life a little easier for our customers.” Stahl once again demonstrates continuous optimization of the product range and increases flexibility while working with the machines significantly.”