Following the introduction of the UK Food Standards Agency in April 2000, Johnsons Apparelmaster, is producing a regular series of publications for its customers called Food Standards Bulletin.

The bulletins are aimed at individuals in the food industry who are responsible for hygiene. Johnsons has also recently opened a new factory in Letchworth, purpose built to launder food grade workwear. Martin Gregson, technical director for the company said “Johnsons Apparelmaster is committed to improving hygiene standards in the provision of workwear for the food industry. We believe that companies operating in this industry would now benefit from investing in bought-in laundry service.

“The implementation of the Food Standard Agency is a step in the right direction. All companies involved in the food chain, from farm to fork, should maintain the highest standards of hygiene.” Gold standard Johnson Apparelmaster has developed its own standard for washing food industry items. Its “Gold Standard’ process ensures that garments are monitored as they go through the cleaning process. The risks of cross-infection are reduced with the use of single barrier machines with the clean garments coming out into a ‘clean’ room.

In the washing process garments are processed for at least 12 minutes at 80deg C followed by multiple rinses.

They then go through a steam and thermal drying tunnel where they receive 8minutes at 150deg C.