Ken Cupitt of the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers (GCL) tells LCN: “We sent out an email regarding the shortage of PPE within the NHS and care services last week (23 April) with a plea for us to try and help with the shortage and suggestions on changes to the procurement of some PPE.

“We have had a response from the CEO of the TSA, David Stevens, who advises that over 2 million textile gowns have now been ordered by the Government and he expects the transition to textile gowns in place of single use gowns to start over the coming days/weeks and asks if we have any members who are able to process the gowns to the standard as he estimates that there are 15000 care homes who will need a service, apart from the Hospitals.  He does, however, foresee transport, perhaps, being the biggest challenge for smaller businesses.

“Not all of us have a set up that can easily process items that have been contaminated with the coronavirus but I am aware that there are a few who could. If you think that you could help the nation by re-cycling some of the PPE gowns, that are currently in short supply, we could help with the technicalities and procedures that you may need to put in place if you think that the Care Homes within your operational area would want your help.

“We hold files within our training records and can offer guidance that we could make available to Guild members willing to take on this work but please check first to see if the market is out there and the local care homes are looking for this service.” Contact: E: T: 01698 322669