The ISO/CEN standards for the safety requirements for industrial laundry and drycleaning machines using perc have been published by the British Standards Institution.

The standards come into force immediately and cover the full range of new commercial and industrial laundry and perc drycleaning machinery, but not existing plant.

Philip Purkis of the Health and Safety Executive textiles, clothing and laundries national interest group said launderers or cleaners buying new equipment should quote the new standards when ordering because under EC regulations, users of new equipment could be as liable as suppliers for any defects.

Quoting some examples, Mr Purkis said commercial laundry machines may need upgraded electrical protection and interlocks. Automated tunnels will need special safety assessments.

Spill trays are now mandatory for drycleaning machines and fail-safe interlocks are required on button traps, lint filter and still doors.

For a copy of BS EN ISO 10472 for laundry machinery or BS EN ISO 8230 for drycleaning machines, contact HSE Books. Tel: 01787 881165.