In keeping with Kreussler’s green theme for the newly-minted month of March, the company is talking about its CLIP GREEN CONC solution. Kreussler developed this drycleaning detergent specifically to help its clients reduce their still waste production without compromising on quality.

Designed for use with both Perc and Hydrocarbon, Clip Green Conc is a super concentrated detergent(Conc is short for concentrated) that has 100% active ingredients with no fillers or co-solvents. A measurable percentage of still residue comes from the inactive components of detergents, so reducing the detergent addition will have a direct effect on the cleaning and handle effect, but with Clip Green Conc the required dosage is ½- ¼ the standard dosage of other detergents.

Excellent cleaning results, long lasting static control, and a fresh, clean smell are the noticeable results you will see on the textiles, said Kreussler. In the machine, drycleaners will notice a significant reduction in the volume of still waste and a hygienically maintained machine which will dry faster and have less risk of bacteria or malodour development. Clip Green is a premium injection detergent and will directly impact your waste production and detergent consumption making it a perfect complement to a sustainable drycleaning plant.