Fellowship of the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers is the highest award in the textile care industry and previously awarded by invitation only. Now the Guild Council has agreed that this should now be broadened to include award by application, as long as the applicants feel they can achieve the high standards necessary for acceptance.

A proposal from the Guild’s College of Fellows, suggesting that a regrade of membership should be modified, was discussed at the Guild Council Meeting on Wednesday 26 April. The Guild has agreed the following criteria.

Advanced dry cleaner/launderer award by application

The title of Advanced Dry Cleaner is an award that has been presented by the Guild to members who have achieved the highest level of technical competence; this has either been by recognition of their acknowledged competence in our industry or by examination theoretically and practically.

This award is to be made available by application to individuals involved in all aspects of our twin Industries. You can apply for advanced status if you feel that you can pass any or all of the following;

1. Minimum of five years in the industry.

2. Employed at a minimum level as a manager or head of a department within a company or you are a self-employed cleaner or launderer.

3. Your workplace may be subject to inspection and examination by a Guild representative to ensure that the necessary Guild standards are met.

4. An examination to prove technical competence, if the applicant has not already achieved a compatible qualification.

Fellowship by Application

The College of Fellows have recognised that Fellowship should be available by application from individuals involved in all aspects of our twin Industries.

You can apply for Fellowship if you can provide evidence of as many of the criteria listed as possible;

Can present a Thesis on any Industry related subject;

Have presented an original paper at a conference;

Have published a technical paper/monograph or book;

Have passed an examination set by the Fellows/examination board;

Have completed and passed in all necessary stages of the internet learning courses;

Have already achieved the necessary equivalent qualifications to be considered for Fellowship;

Have served a minimum of 7 years in the industry, 5 of which should be in a management or technical capacity (compulsory);

And have made a significant contribution to our industry.

Applicants may be subject to an interview. Applicants must also produce a sponsor and a seconder to the application; they need not necessarily be Fellows (compulsory).

There is a fee of £75 to cover administration for applications. Guild membership at £95 per annum is a requirement for each of the awards after the applicant has been successful in their application

Application forms and further details are available from the Guild secretariat.