The Hohenstein Institute in Germany has announced changes in its management structure that became effective from 1 June.

In recognition of the extent of their duties, former departmental directors Dr Stefan Droste, Florian Girmond, Prof Dirk Hofer and Dr Andreas Schmidt have become managing directors of the Hohenstein Institute and the Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute. Their specific responsibilities have been set out in a formal schedule.

Prof. Stefan Mecheels continues as the sole executive partner of the Research Institute and managing director of the two separate companies: The Hohenstein Institute for Textile Innovation and the Hohenstein Academy.

Head of finance and administration, Armin Keicher, and the head of sales, Jorg Diekmann have been appointed authorised signatories.

Announcing the changes, head of institute Prof. Jurgen Mecheels, said the previous structure dated from a time when Hohenstein only employed 80 – 120 people but it now employs over 500 at its headquarters. The changes would improve communication with business partners and help the future security of employees.