The range has been developed for busy on-premises laundries where there is pressure for efficient laundry hygiene, as well as for reduced overall costs and faster cycle times.

Horizon Light & Bright is said to kill MRSA and other bacteria at 40C and to kill notoriously difficult Clostridium Difficile spores at 60C – no other liquid laundry product claims this, says JohnsonDiversey.

It has been tested to EN1276 and EN13704 European standards.

Horizon Light & Bright can also be used in standard appliances at low temperature settings for greater economy. Washing fabrics at 40C can save up to 35% of overall water and energy costs compared with the traditional high temperature processes previously required.

LAUNDRY CARE: JohnsonDiversey’s Horizon Light & Bright has been developed for optimum performance at lower temperatures Horizon Light & Bright