CLEAN 2017

Hydro Systems, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based independent manufacturer of proportioning and dispensing systems, introduced its new Dositec Electromagnetic System (pictured) at Clean 2017.

The multi-washer system complements Hydro Systems’ existing pneumatic offering and is designed for smaller laundries with washers below 125 pounds that may not have access to compressed air, said John Goetz, global product manager, Hydro Systems. “This unit brings all the benefits of Dositec multi-washer systems to sites that couldn’t previously use them due to size or lack of an air connection. Such laundries can now realize the advantages of a low-maintenance system that is equipped with remote data monitoring capability.”

The Dositec Electromagnetic System can dispense up to eight chemicals to as many as six washing machines. The compact and wall-mounted design of the system saves space and provides a more economical solution for a variety of different sized on-premise laundries.

The Hydro Systems stand also featured its FM-800 Flush Manifold series for commercial laundry and other similar applications. The FM-800 minimises leak points and is designed to optimise safety and reliability by completely flushing chemical products to the washer.

“Delivering incomplete chemical dosages due to leaks or inadequate water supply is a big concern for laundries,” said Goetz. “Our FM-800 series safely mixes and accurately delivers liquid laundry chemicals and water to the washer without leaks over the life of the install.”