Jensen-Group has reported  a revenue of 341.6 MEUR for 2022, an increase of 31.5% compared with 2021. The strong market position of Jensen-Group and continuous investment in manufacturing and product development are the reasons for these achievements, said the company.

“Jensen-Group is pleased to be back at pre-Covid-19 activity levels, despite strong headwinds from supply chain disruptions and their impact on its business activities. The setbacks in the hospitality sector of the past years are now limited to certain areas of the globe. We are eagerly awaiting recoveries in these countries, and the business opportunities this will generate in the future, said a company spokesperson.

Investments for the future
Jensen-Group correctly assessed that automated solutions using robotics and AI are increasingly in demand. In its fifth year of co-operation with Inwatec Aps, the company has commissioned many new laundries on all continents, in which robotics enjoyed the same self-evidence as tunnel washers and integrated finishing lines. The collaboration reached a new peak in 2022 with the development of the new BLIZZ, a radically new approach to automate the feeding of terry towels into a folding machine. Automated solutions improve the total sustainability of laundries, as they prolong the life of textiles and machines and guarantee highest health and safety levels.

FAVE RAVE: The crowd favourite at Expo Detergo was the new BLIZZ towel feeding robot, pictured.

Sustainability has been part of the Jensen DNA ever since its launch of the CleanTech concept in 2008, which was demonstrated with all exhibits displayed at Clean Show, Atlanta and Expo Detergo, Milan in 2022. “The launch of the new XR dryer was a major breakthrough: It will set new benchmarks in productivity thanks to its extra airflow for a greater air exchange and up to 15% higher evaporation capacity,” a Jensen spokesperson said.

“in 2022, we officially opened our re-built American manufacturing plant which had been destroyed by a hurricane. The Jensen factory in Panama City, Florida engineers and produces material handling solutions as well as washroom equipment for the US market.

“The Jensen factory in Xuzhou/China was the first within the Jensen-Group to install solar panels as well as new e-bike charging stations as part of the ‘bike-to-work’ initiative. The team at Jensen China is overjoyed that the three-years-long lockdown has finally come to an end, and that production is running at 100%.”

Jensen’s focus will continue to be on customer-centered innovation and sustainable growth through new product development and through participation in Inwatec. However, the company acknowledged that the view of 2023 is clouded by geopolitical and military threats as well as a possible slowdown in demand due to an economic recession in our key markets.

“We are positive about the future in a restrained way, as we count on achieving normalisation in the supply chain by the end of 2023,” confirmed Jesper Munch Jensen, CEO of the Jensen-Group.

“We appreciate the trust and loyalty of our customers, and are committed to meeting their expectations in terms of productivity, innovation, reliability, and reduced environmental impact.