The Jensen-Group has reported a revenue of €245.2 million for 2020, a respectable business performance it attributes to the strong market position of the Group and its products.

Jesper Jensen, managing director of the Group said: “As restaurant attendance, tourism, business and cruise travel dropped, many industrial laundries were forced to reduce their capacity or temporarily close their operations. We remain realistic about the consequences of the pandemic, however, and estimate that markets will recover by 2022. Despite lower revenues, the Jensen-Group remains faithful to its values and strategic initiatives.

“Our decision to invest in new markets including Asia are creating healthy and sustainable growth opportunities. Our offer continues to include individual machines as well as systems solutions with varying degrees of automation to cater to all customer needs and specifications, helping us grow across all customer segments. The Jensen-Group made significant progress in securing large, high-tech projects in partnership with Inwatec, Denmark. Our joint effort extends our market offering and supports our strategy to be industry leaders and innovators in applying robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to laundry automation processes. In the near future, the JENSEN-GROUP will invest in a 40% increase in the shareholding in Inwatec ApS, Denmark, after having purchased 30% in 2018.

“Our new product developments are targeted at reducing energy and water consumption as well as increasing the throughput and up-time of our equipment. MetriQ, the new loading station for garments, is setting new benchmarks regarding ergonomics and productivity. It is the only system in the world that can load garments with the buttons-to-the-front, which is particularly interesting for patient gowns and scrubs.

“GeniusFlow is another example that gives proof how data can boost the efficiency in laundries. The interface allows a simpler management of garment batches and reduces the number of late garments to be processed manually. Robots, like the Evolution Spider for the automatic separation, feeding and placing of towels into the towel folder as well as the THOR series from Inwatec (both for garments and for linen) have gained in popularity.

“Lacking a trade show in 2020, all new solutions and approaches, also for the washroom and flatwork finishing section, were introduced to the market through virtual campaigns and social media.”

Jensen concluded the report by saying: “The true test of one’s strength is not that one can stand in the sun, but that one can last through a storm. 2020 has presented many businesses around the world with unexpected and never seen challenges. Even in this difficult time, Jensen equipment has proven exceptional value, and we remain a top choice supplier for many of the world’s highest quality laundries.

“We would like to say thank you to the many customers who have placed their trust in the Jensen-Group since the pandemic and hope they will continue to trust us in 2021.”