The Jensen-Group has reported an ongoing healthy performance in the first half year of 2017. Revenue rose to 173.5 million euro, a 5.5% increase compared with the corresponding period of last year. The group continues to strongly invest into products and markets and according to its press statement on 4 September, solutions that were launched at last year’s Texcare International and this year’s Clean Show are now a part of successful reference installations around the globe.

The company attributes this success to starting from a strong order backlog at the beginning of the year and expects the 2017 revenue to be higher than last year. All growth has been financed with no outside capital, a strategy that the company continues to pursue.

Highlights to date include the launch of the Jenroll Hybrid ironer and the Jenfeed Express Plus feeder, as well as the introduction of the new ALPHA by JENSEN brand.

“Total data management and Industry 4.0 are opening up exciting new opportunities for laundries,” said Jesper Munch Jensen, CEO of Jensen-Group. “With Globe, we offer our customers the most complete production  management information system in the market today. It is the first system that can manage all resources in a laundry – machinery, utilities, energy, as well as staff.

“The digitization of all processes, in the laundry and in the offices, cannot be stopped,” he added. “With Industry 4.0, the overhead cost will fall, and very quickly.”

INNOVATIONS: Clean Show in Las Vegas was a great platform to showcase the latest innovations from Jensen and exchange ideas with laundry managers from all around the world