Sometimes they had not been cleaned frequently but in some cases the screens or bags had deteriorated allowing lint and debris to pass through or bypass the filter. Lint filters must be maintained to a high standard otherwise the air cooler will become obstructed and this will progressively affect drying.

Removing and cleaning the air cooler to correct this fault can be an expensive engineering repair.

The air filter system should be checked and if necessary cleaned on a frequent basis. It must always be checked immediately after cleaning a load that contains velvet curtains or pile fabrics.

Layers of lint must not be allowed to build up as this restricts the airflow. Lint screens with foam pads should be a reasonably tight fit in the recovery head so that the foam pad forms a good seal with the guides.

When the screen starts to become loose, the foam pad needs to be replaced. Lint bags should be replaced as soon as wear is noticed or if a hole develops. If the lint screen is fitted with a wire gauze, check the gauze periodically by holding it up to the light. If a blockage has started to form, it can be removed by using the steam gun on the spotting table.

Regular attention to these important routine aspects of operator maintenance can pay big dividends in terms of reduced solvent usage and drying times.

Roger Cawood