With the launch of its optional Platinum Service Plan, Lapauw now makes a firm commitment – a five-year parts warranty on new Lapauw equipment.

When selecting the Platinum Service Plan, the customer pays a small fixed premium at the time of purchase, with no additional parts invoices (except for wear & tear parts) in the first five years of operation. This way, he is in full control of his costs of running the equipment, as there will not be any unexpected part invoices in that period.

Lapauw explains that is a clear tendency that laundry managers – when acquiring new equipment – are not only looking at the initial purchase price, but also the expected maintenance costs in the years after the purchase, to make a well-informed decision. They want to avoid a low purchase price that is accompanied by very high priced spare parts. In this scenario, they win once at the initial purchase, but they risk paying considerably more over the lifetime of the machine.

Lapauw has a long-standing reputation as a supplier of high quality machines with a long lifetime and a low maintenance cost. For this reason, it is often said that Lapauw provides equipment with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the market.

Philippe D’heygere, president of Lapauw says: “In contrast to some of our main competitors, service and spare part business is not a main profit driver for our company. The fewer service calls and OEM parts our customers need, the more we like it as this increases their productivity and lowers their parts costs.”

Steven Renders, CEO of Lapauw adds: “When buying new machinery, we want to stimulate our potential customers to also ask other potential suppliers for a 5-year warranty and compare the full cost for the first five years of operation. Customers that have done this exercise come to very interesting conclusions, in favour of Lapauw.”