Laundrapp, the British start-up behind the award-winning laundry and drycleaning industry app has announced its launch into its first international markets with 15 countries across the world set to roll out through 2017 with its smart on-demand door-to-door technology.

This February will see deals signed and digital services launched with Laundrapp’s technology licensed in Australia and New Zealand alongside numerous countries including Mexico, Turkey, Germany, China, France, Iran, USA, UAE, Malaysia and more.

Named ‘App of the Year’ in 2016, Laundrapp said that its “Powered by Laundrapp” platform has streamlined the delivery process, using smart vehicle tracking, geo-based real-time logistics and mobile first technology to offer the consumer a fast, efficient and easier option than doing their laundry at home.

By licensing its platform under ‘white label’ to entrepreneurs and existing laundry companies across the world, Laundrapp believes it will transform the entire global laundry industry with its smart on-demand technology.

Laundrapp CEO Edward Relf said: “The success in the UK carved an obvious path to global expansion and licensing our technology has proved the best way for us to reach a global audience. I am thrilled to see how receptive global partners have been to our technology, the industry understands it must innovate to grow and Laundrapp is the perfect technology to reach this new digital savvy millennial market.”