Simon Jersey is promoting its 1999 work clothing in four new 300-page full colour catalogues. These cover business, pub & leisure, retail and hospitality; the latter is published in five languages for distribution to 23 European countries.

Continuing its pioneering role of bringing fashion into workwear, Simon Jersey has introduced various new styles, fabrics and colours for the new year.

Ultima Weave is a fine fabric of 55% polyester/45% merino wool with a small weave texture and a satin-smooth reverse.

Teflon treated to repel stains, it has been used in a sophisticated new range of ladies jackets, skirts and trousers, and jackets and trousers for men, that can be washed or drycleaned. Colour varieties are iris, cinnamon, black and navy.

A wide choice of new prints and checks have been introduced for total coordination. This allows organisations achieve a corporate identity without everyone having to be dressed exactly the same.

For a casual look, unisex joggers, shorts and jeans make their debut as do a fleece jacket, colourful rugby shirts, striped polos and chambray shirts in fashionable blue, terracotta or gold.

Evening wear include new waistcoats with patterned fabric front such as ‘Jigsaw’ (with a gold satin back) and ‘Vision’, another contemporary design backed with cinnamon satin.

A new collection of deluxe 100% cotton chef’s jackets complete the new additions.