Production of graphic inlay mats at the Farnworth plant of Kleen-Tex Industries has been doubled with the installation of a further CAD/CAM mat cutting machine. Being experienced is increased demand for the logo mats.

The £100 000 state-of-the-art cutter will enable the most complex logo designs and symbols to be perfectly cut through 6-plies of nylon pile simultaneously. Linked directly to computers in the plant’s design centre, images are scanned in and plotted for cutting, allowing the machine operator to access all information on the cutter’s own computer screen.

Once cut, the individual coloured segments which comprise the logo are then in-laid by hand into the mat before bonding to the nitrile anti-slip backing. The action of the Opti-Twist pile draws dirt off shoes and holds it until the mat is ready for collecting and laundering.

This further investment in the UK plant, which has been completely refurbished since it was acquired from Guardian Mats last year, is seen as evidence of Kleen-Tex’s commitment to establishing its UK operation as its main European manufacturing base. Some 50% of production of launderable mats at the plant is currently exported to 28 countries in Europe.

With offices and a further manufacturing plant in Austria, a European sales and marketing team is now operating from the North West England plant under the control of Peter Ostenfeld and Peter Steher.