The professional division of Miele has today announced the launch of its new generation Benchmark series, designed to be gentle to the environment while still delivering high performance. The washer and dryer range strikes the perfect balance between cost-efficiency and premium results, helping laundry managers from any business exceed customer laundry expectations on a daily basis without compromise.

With sustainable efficiency at its core, the new Benchmark series can accommodate a washer load capacity ranging from 12-20kg and a drying load capacity between 14kg-44kg ensuring maximum laundry throughput. Innovative technology is instilled throughout each model, including powerful, frequency-controlled asynchronous motors which promise smooth cycles at high speeds as well as Miele’s patented honeycomb drum 2.0 for optimum laundry care. This, combined with low consumption values, saves both time and energy, while also keeping overall laundry costs low.

Washing consumption values are as low as 7.2 litres per kg of laundry for the Performance and 5.9 litres per kg of laundry for the Performance Plus, achieved through functions such as the EcoSpeed drum rhythm. This is a reduction of up to one litre per kg compared to its predecessor. Users can also expect short cycle times for maximum efficiency. A 12kg laundry load, for example, can be thoroughly washed and left with only 44% residual moisture in 42 minutes.

The Performance and Performance Plus dryer range equally excels, with an upgraded AirRecycling Flex System – a feature which uses heat energy efficiently by redirecting air circulation back into the drum. Intelligently adjusting to onsite conditions, this helps save time while the machine is still cold and preserves energy when at operating temperatures. For spot-on-drying, the PerfectDry system continuously records residual moisture levels in the load, meaning the drying process ends when results are perfect.

To ensure laundry managers can meet the most demanding challenges, programmes can be adapted to individual user and business requirements. Operators can select from a range of programmes or select from a tailor-made washer or dryer solution to match the garment being laundered e.g., specialist uniform, delicate fabrics, bedding, and towels etc. Thermal and Chemo-thermal disinfection programmes are also available to ensure hygiene compliance, preventing the spread of infection.

For simple and initiative operation, new Miele M Touch Pro controls have been installed, making the new generation Benchmark series easy to use for any user. This includes a full colour touch screen display that is clearly structured and well arranged, ‘ShowMeHow’ sequences to assist operators and multiple language selections. And, with hygiene top priority for all businesses controls have been built to respond to touch even with gloves on.

Simon Venni, country sales manager, GB&IE at Miele Professional said: “Our new generation of Benchmark washers and dryers has been designed to not only offer excellent levels of flexibility for laundry managers but also to deliver maximum efficiency enabling a greater return on investment. We have installed an exciting range of features that can not only meet the needs of a busy laundry but to also ensures each appliance is equipped for years to come – it’s future-proof.

“Aside from the efficiencies the new Benchmark series will bring, each model has been built with hygiene in mind. From the touch screen display to the programmes offered, users can be reassured that they are protecting themselves, staff and customers from the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria”.