Hurricane Ida struck the USA two months ago, and while it may seem like old news now, its impact is still being felt by the people who experienced it and many have still not been able to return to their homes. Or repair them. The Category 4 Atlantic hurricane was the second-most damaging and intense hurricane, post Hurricane Katrina in 2005, to make landfall in the US state of Louisiana, home to Pellerin Milnor’s New Orleans facility.

At the time, Milnor told LCNi: “Following Hurricane Ida, which made landfall in south east Louisiana on Sunday, 29 August, we are grateful to report that Milnor facilities are in good shape. Our factory sustained very minor damage, including a few fences knocked down.”

“Over the past weeks, Pellerin Milnor has worked to return to full operations following the impact of Hurricane Ida.

“Unfortunately, a number of our employees suffered significant damage to their homes. We received calls expressing interest in helping out Milnor employees during this time,” said the company.

A Milnor Employee Relief Fund is now available for deposits by anyone interested in helping. If you would like to donate, please send cheques made out to ‘Milnor Employee Relief Fund – Ida’ and mail to: 

Milnor Employee Relief Fund — Ida 

PO Box 400 

Kenner, LA 70063-0400

If you prefer to donate by BACS please find the details below.

Bank Name: Iberia Bank

Account Number: 20002300877

International Transfers:

Swift Code IBEAUS44
Bank Address: 200 West Congress St.
Lafayette, LA 70501

“We certainly appreciate the prayers and support we have received from folks around the world following the storm. Thank you for your consideration,” said Milnor.