Laundry owners running coin-op and OPL businesses around the world trust DexterLive to help them grow and manage their business, claims the company. “They’ve seen the powerful benefits of having up-to-date analytics and have experienced the control of remote customer service and easy programming. Most importantly, they’ve found the freedom to spend time doing things they love because their store/premises is being watched over 24/7 by a reliable, proven system.”

The DexterLive network seamlessly connects Dexter machines to the cloud to provide unprecedented analytics and control giving  the freedom to manage a store anywhere, anytime, and from from any device.

Now, DexterLive is launching DexterPay, an integrated mobile pay system that brings a new level of customer service and flexibility that has proven invaluable during social distancing and the nationwide coin shortages. DexterLive and DexterPay are backwards compatible and can be installed on any C-Series or A-Series Dexter equipment, says the company. DexterPay is available to download for customers on App stores including GooglePlay.

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