ETSU is an organisation that specialises in energy efficiency measurement and recently published its findings on the Gardner venturi steam trap.

Withington Hospital in Manchester was used as the test site and 86 mechanical traps were replaced by the GEM venturi traps. The report claims 19% fuel savings, 19% reduction in CO2and NOx emissions, low maintenance and no major operational problems over the year-long test period.

Withington Hospital has 1.8million kgs of laundered items per year and uses two washers, six dryers, three ironers, a tunnel dryer, and in winter, uses steam for space heating.

Prior to the test, inspection showed that 11 of the 65 mechanical traps had failed and the plume coming from the roof vent pipe was wasting 500 kg/h of steam.

After the GEM trap installations, annual savings on steam and treated water were calculated at more than £10 000.

Read the report in full at which is on the ETSU website.