The New York State Department of Environmental Protection (NYSDEC) has added SENSENE Modified Alcohol to the list of approved alternative solvents for drycleaners. New rules for alternative solvents and more stringent regulations on the use of perchloroethylene (perc) took effect from 10 March 2018.

Sensene Modified Alcohol was added to the list in addition to eight previously approved products well ahead of the 6 September deadline, when only NYSDEC-approved alternative solvents may be used in alternative solvent drycleaning equipment in New York State.

The more stringent regulations on the use of perc include the required removal of all perc drycleaning machines from residential buildings by 21 December 2020 and then replacing them with alternative solvent equipment. To achieve greater perc emission reductions, all third-generation machines will be phased-out by 31 December 2021.

Safechem’s distribution partner for North America, Seitz, The Fresher Company, based in Tampa, Florida, has already delivered Sensene to first customers in New York State. “Sensene is an outstanding solvent that was introduced on the North American market last year, and the decision to add it on the list of alternative solvents in New York State speaks to the great momentum this solvent is generating right now”, says Kurt Wickiser, executive vice president of Seitz.