Clean Show 2022 gets under way

30 July 2022

Welcome to the Clean Show 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA bringing together the great and the good of the textile care industry – and the products, solutions and services devised by some of those people and eagerly anticipated by the others. Here, below, is a handy run-through of the companies we have featured in the run up to the show. In the news section on this website you will find more reports added in the past couple of days. LCNi editor Kathy Bowry will be wearing out shoe leather around the stands and adding to the website coverage as she explores the show taking in new developments.

The May Show Preview edition of LCNi is available at Clean and also has a ‘Spotlight on the USA’ feature as well as a host of other news and reports specifically designed to appeal to the textile care professional. Enjoy!

ABS, stand 4228, isthere with news that Vitec Software Group AB has acquired all shares in ABS Laundry Business Solutions (ABS). ABS reported sales of SEK 203 million for the 2021 financial year.

ABS was founded is the global market leader in software for the laundry industry. ABS focuses primarily on multi-plant industrial launderers active in various industries, predominantly healthcare, hospitality, and industrial verticals such as construction and manufacturing.

ABS serves over 650 laundry facilities across 5 continents, with more than 15,000 active users. With offices in the Netherlands, United States, Romania, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Japan.

“ABS has 35 years of experience, and the company is the leading independent provider of software for the global laundry and textile rental industry. The advanced functionality sets the company ahead of its competition and installations of ABSSolute, in some cases with over 1.000 concurrent users, are business critical for customers worldwide,” says Olle Backman, CEO, Vitec Software Group.

“I am convinced that together we will continue to develop ABS for the benefit of our customers and staff today and in the future,” says Anne de Boer, CEO, ABS Laundry Business Solution.

Alliance Laundry Systems
Alliance Laundry Systems, Stand 2642, display sa variety of game-changing equipment and technology. With 4,200-square-feet of space to welcome visitors, Alliance brands promise a truly memorable experience.

Speed Queen, the leader in the laundromat market, will be showing a variety of models equipped with its wildly popular Quantum touch control. Since its launch, the touchscreen control has helped deliver unparalleled return on investment for owners as their customers embrace its intuitive operation. Its real-word descriptions have also yielded a dramatic uptick in customers selecting premium (and profitable) wash options. Speed Queen also will have space dedicated to its Speed Queen franchise and licensed stores. Franchises will number roughly 25 in the United States by the end of the year, and the licensed store concept now numbers more than 800 locations across Europe.

Alliance’s UniMac brand will introduce Clean Show visitors to the products and technologies that will deliver maximum efficiency and throughput and help on-premises laundries achieve the lowest cost of ownership. This maximum performance pedigree has led to innovations such as: OPTispray, which reduces water consumption versus bath rinses while also producing excellent removal of soils and residual chemistry; and OPTidry, which eliminates costly over-drying of loads. These technologies as well as new product offerings will highlight the UniMac section.

The Huebsch portion of the booth will feature the brand’s Huebsch Command laundry management system as well as its complete collection of technology offerings to streamline laundromat management and create an improved customer experience. Galaxy Touch, the brand’s new touchscreen control, also will highlight the Huebsch booth space.

The distillation boil over (Black-Over) problem has been known in the industry for as long as drycleaning machines have existed. A world first from Böwe is its overboil protection device which detects the surface of boiling solvent in the distillation. If bubbles or foam appear the sensor detects that and breaks the vacuum automatically, so the boiling point is increased and the bubbles disappear. This means that annoying and expensive cleaning work for the water separators and clean tanks, which can generate odors if poorly maintained, is no longer necessary.

Another merger is that of UNX Industries and Christeyns USA which have announced they are entering into a definitive merger agreement to create UNX-Christeyns. The new US-based company will be able to deliver an unparalleled portfolio of chemicals, detergents, engineered equipment and cleaning solutions to the commercial and industrial textile care market, said the company.

At the same time, Christeyns is launching EPIC, an innovative detergent system. EPIC stands for Enzymatic Process Innovation by Christeyns and is based on enzyme technology, enabling laundries to reduce their waste costs by 25%. Full report on page 30.

“Because wellness is also our concern,”says Catherine Gouneau, Danube (stand 2514) for many years has been developing a range of laundry equipment specifically designed to guarantee all customers laundry hygiene and disinfection.”

Danube shows its range of barrier washer-extractors for the health sector and nursing homes. With these machines, also available in dual-energy heating, not only are the risks of cross-contamination reduced, but they allow significant energy savings. Completed with one of the company’s ø 500- or 650-mm flatwork ironers, equipped with built-in lengthwise folder and rear exit, laundry performance is improved. An ozone cupboard, which can disinfect any type of textile or accessory that cannot be water washed is a perfect complement to washing machines in a healthcare facility or a laundromat.

“Danube is also committed to respecting the environment and optimising resources: so all our washers and dryers are equipped as standard with many features to save energy, water, or detergents thanks to the ET2 microprocessor as well as many options guaranteeing the efficiency of our models by adapting perfectly to the needs of each one. five concepts define our machines: high performance, energy efficiency, connectivity, robustness, and versatility,” says Gouneau.

Meanwhile, Domus, in its centenary year has a lot to celebrate as Gemma Colomer explains: “At Domus, we know how important efficiency is, and we are very aware of our commitment to the environment. That is why we have developed new technologically advanced equipment and solutions with low energy consumption and high production efficiency.

“At Clean Show, (stand 2514) we are exhibiting different solutions and equipment to suit all types of laundries: from hospitality, hotels, healthcare sector, to the coin laundry sector. This year, a new series of 45, 60, 80, 100 and 120 kg washing machines stand out, which completes and renews our already extensive range of washing machinery. These washing machines come equipped with Domus’ Ecovolution technology which easily enables IoT connectivity and traceability plus superior efficiencies in water and chemicals.

Dryers in various ranges up to 80kg have features that guarantee high efficiency such as air recirculation and an intelligent humidity sensor. Ergonomics have also been taken into consideration with the introduction of a wide hatch sliding door, standard reverse drum action and air filter in-drawer for easy maintenance.

Also look out for smaller capacity washers and dryers, down to 8kg and the ECOTANK accessory to recover wash water.

Girbau will unveil its latest innovations in industrial, commercial, vended and textile care laundry solutions on stands 2118, 2112 and 2106. Girbau is the industry’s most diverse provider of commercial, industrial, vended and textile care laundry solutions, according to president Mike Floyd. Stands 2118 and 2112 will be dedicated to commercial and industrial laundry, while 2106 will focus on vended laundry solutions.

“During Clean, we promise exciting booth interaction, educational product demonstrations, and valuable opportunities to speak with continental end-users, distributors and team members,” said Floyd. During the show, visitors will also enjoy aggressive financing and product promotions.

The company will present its complete range of washers and dryers, including the new line-up of Genius soft-mount washers (see page 4) for commercial and vended applications, which feature easy installation, high-speed extraction of up to 450 G-force, and superior productivity and performance. It will also feature multi-housing laundry solutions, and Girbau Industrial’s high-volume ironing, multi-sort folding and stacking systems, including the new DRC cornerless feeder, which offers up to three feeding stations and accommodating items up to 3.5 meters ironing widths;

Girbau will also showcase its new high-speed DRE feeder, which precisely feeds healthcare and hospitality linens, as well as napkins and pillowcases. The new Compact PRO ironing system, which combines five functions in a single unit: feeding, drying, ironing, folding and stacking, all at speeds of up to 25 metres a minute, and the new FTQ Folder – which automatically folds drywork items of different dimensions one after the other, including towels, bathmats, washcloths and blankets.

Meanwhile, on stand 3264, along with Seitz, Girbau will present the Poseidon solution which incorporates highly-programmable wetcleaning machines and moisture-sensing and reversing dryers. Visitors will have the chance to learn first-hand how to program and use these products, and to discover their advantages.

Jensen Group
The Jensen-Group on Stand 506 continues to have its sights firmly set on smart digital solutions for heavy-duty laundries. Together with partners Inwatec and Gotli Labs, we are creating the future in laundry automation. At this year’s Clean Show, we take pleasure in showcasing our latest innovations for all sections of the laundry:

Inwatec’s automated soil sort system incorporating robotics and an X-Ray scanner with AI, is now an all-in-one solution as THOR can handle both garments and flatwork in one system.

The XR Dryer will set new benchmarks in productivity with its extra air flow for a greater air exchange and up to 15% higher evaporation capacity. Laundries will be able to achieve the same results with fewer driers. The bigger drum volumes and the wider door openings will excite laundries handling large volumes.

The KliQ Feeder stands for ease of use and highest availability. The space saving design, combined with low maintenance and highest feeding quality is the base of its latest high-performance feeding solution.

The Kando folder is a space-saving combination folder with integrated stackers that is particularly suited for the replacement of existing folders as valuable floor space can be saved.

MetriQ with the unique buttons-to-the-front feature, enabling the efficient loading of garments with openings on the back side, such as patient gowns and scrubs;

The Fox 1200 garment folder folds and stacks 1200 garments in mixed production,

without compromising the folding quality. The Fox 1200 keeps the DNA of the well-known Butterfly family of folders.

We have the key to perfect textile care, designed with only one vision in mind: increasing the operational efficiency of laundries., says Jensen.

Kannegiesser E-Tech
On Stand 806, Kannegiesser will be banging the drum on its advanced laundry solutions which include, AI, robotics, automation and, of course, sustainability among other topics. In the washhouse, Kannegiesser’s high-performance washing line PowerTrans Vario has set new standards for washing efficiency, hygiene, water and energy consumption, says the company. The water-extraction technology of the PowerPress and PowerSwing provides low residual moistures permitting high savings in the subsequent evaporation process. Thanks to the process control Eco2Power for the transfer dryer PowerDry, the energy is kept in the system and doesn’t need to be recovered via heat exchangers. In the finishing process, Kannegiesser’s low-temperature drying during ironing, finishing or full drying gives impressive results and maintains textile value and lowers energy consumption.

Ultimately, the energy contained in the ironing and finisher exhaust air is used to heat fresh water for the washing process.

The sum of many factors leads to solid results: The average energy consumption of a modern large-scale laundry equipped with Kannegiesser technology has more than halved in the past 10 years, says the company.

Consumption of less than 0.8 kWh per kg of laundry can be achieved. In many laundries nowadays, this figure is around 2 to 2.5 kWh per kg of laundry Significant energy savings help companies to remain economically healthy and competitive with strongly increasing energy costs.

Not only the cost balance, but also the climate balance plays an important role. The CO2 emissions of a laundry processing 30 tons of laundry a day and at the same time reducing gas consumption from 2.2 to 0,8 kWh per kg of laundry, are reduced by 2.255 tons each year.

Maxi-Press, Stand 3938, specialises in innovative water extraction membranes, spare parts and ironer supplies for industrial laundries. The development and manufacture of many of these products takes place at the company’s headquarters in Germany. The core product of the internationally positioned company and world market leader are membranes for water extraction presses, compatible with all common manufacturers. The latest highlight in this sector is the ANTI-BACT product range - antibacterial membranes made in Germany.

More and more markets are being serviced by Maxi-Press locally in order to be able to respond even quicker to customer requirements: Maxi-Press works with subsidiaries in China and Australia and with other partners in many European countries. The North American market is also supplied directly from Connecticut by the US subsidiary MAXI-PRESS Elastomeric, Inc. The independent company has been active since 2016 with its own warehouse and expert team for laundry machines.

Especially in view of the pandemic, Maxi-Press recently launched its own online shop at for the US and Canadian market. Here, customers can quickly find water extraction presses, spare parts and ironer products for industrial laundries. The shop offers all the advantages and functionalities of a modern portal. The high-quality products from our own production can also be offered to end customers in the USA and Canada at unbeatable prices via direct sales.

The latest development from Maxi-Press is the Anti-Bact water extraction membrane. This high-tech innovation from Germany is a certified product and has all the well-known advantages and areas of application of Maxi-Press. It contributes to a significant reduction of germs in the laundry. In addition to testing by the German Hohenstein Institute, customers confirm the advantages of the membrane. The mode of action actively prevents the formation of germs on the membrane surface. The laundry is thus protected from germs and organic deposits that could originate from the membrane surface during the entire pressing process. The antibacterial effect of the high-tech product is unlimited. Ant-Bact membranes are particularly suitable for use in hospitals and care facilities.

Innovation, quality, and new product lines covered by exclusive patents: these are pleasant surprises that all visitors to Clean 22 will be able to admire when visiting the Renzacci booth, Stand 3918. In the drycleaning field the focus will be on a concept of cleaning strictly related to wellness and health, thanks to the new bio drycleaning machines of the exclusive SENTINEL™ edition, which takes advantage in a simple and innovative way of the natural power of the ultraviolet rays for a deep and effective action against virus and bacteria.

In the washing machines line, Renzacci will be very proud to introduce the new line of high spin washer extractors HS Ecocare system, all equipped with the new innovative “Superstorage” water reclaiming system which allows a consistent water (up to 40%) and energy saving (up to 20%).

Moreover Renzacci Spa will also introduce an advanced line of washing machines   and coin-op dryers for launderettes, which has obtained a great success in terms of interest and sales in Europe and it has also a special award for its innovative boost in the coin-op division in the USA, Europe and South America.

Moreover will be on display the new series of closed circuit tumble dryer with integrated recovery of air flow of Renzacci RZ range.

Once again this range distinguishes itself for originality and running costs lowering,, offering to its owners great advantages, among them it is worth remembering the fact that they allow to completely eliminate any needs of external exhaust pipes and/or expensive and bulky exhaust hoods.

Last but not least is the new generation of sanitising and hygienising cabinets with triple combined action i-Genius 2.0, to provide a very high-quality service to all customers of the hospitality industry.

‘The TRSA Experience @ The Clean Show’ began with the Kick-off Reception on Friday, 29 July, before the flour-day show opened, at the College Football Hall of Fame.

Morning seminars start Saturday, 30 July with a state of the industry panel discussion on developments in North America featuring representatives of Alsco (restaurant flatwork linen and other industry markets), Prudential Overall Supply (workwear), PureStar (hotel flatwork linen) and Unitex (healthcare flatwork linen).

On Sunday, 31 July, TRSA features international themes. A discussion on global national association initiatives will be co-sponsored with ETSA, DTV (the German textile services association) and TSA (UK). A panel discussion on the industry’s global recovery, covering trends and expansion opportunities, will follow, with presenters from intercontinental operators Alsco (US-based), Bardusch (Germany), Johnsons (UK) and Lindström (Finland).

The Monday, 1 August morning seminar will cover legal issues.

TRSA will deploy its Exchange web utility to enable scheduling of appointments at member Supplier Partners’ individual exhibits scheduling meetings up to 30 minutes The Exchange will make it easy to connect via email. From its booth, TRSA will distribute paper maps of the floor depicting member Supplier Partners’ locations.


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