Oxwash has announced the company is now officially EN 14065 accredited (certified by Atlas) at its 20,000 sq. ft flagship facility, known as Big Blue. Oxwash claims to be the world's first carbon-neutral laundry (en route to net zero emissions) to receive the EN 14065 accreditation. The EN 14065 accreditation is the essential certification for a commercial laundry company to wash items from hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Compliance is essential to meet the stringent demands of healthcare facilities and ensures the safety and well-being of patients and staff alike.

This comprehensive accreditation ensures that Oxwash is well-prepared to meet the specific needs and standards of the medical and healthcare industries, providing services for bed linen, blankets, towelling, uniforms, scrubs, patient gowns, whites and lab coats, chefs' wear, and more.

Up until now, said Oxwash, the conventional requirement for healthcare laundry was washing at a minimum of 65-71C. Oxwash has over the years developed an alternative approach, whereby even the critical hygiene standards demanded by hospitals can be reached while washing at much cooler temperatures.This ensured Oxwash could uphold its commitment to sustainability without compromising on results and still gain the EN 14065 accreditation. Importantly, this accreditation has been attained without any corrective measures or actions, a testament to the team's exceptional efforts and dedication, said Oxwash.

Oxwash's journey towards becoming the world's first carbon-neutral laundry with EN 14065 accreditation stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to healthcare hygiene. Oxwash is extremely proud of this significant accomplishment and sees it as a pivotal step towards creating a healthier world.

Dr.Kyle Grant, the founder of Oxwash, reinforced this sentiment, saying: “It brings me enormous pleasure to be able to confirm our recent EN 14065 accreditation assessment was successful. For those of you not familiar with the minutiae of government and Public Health England legislature, EN 14065 is the accreditation necessary for a commercial laundry company to wash items from a hospital or other healthcare facility.

 “We received zero corrective measures or actions, according to our auditors, a first for any laundry in the UK, so we're very proud of our operational team's attention to detail and execution. It’s also the first time a carbon-neutral laundry service has ever been accredited to wash healthcare items that we know of in the world, another huge milestone for us and our mission.”

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