Laundry equipment specialist Broadbent has announced its cyclical logic convertor control panel for washer-extractors can now be fitted to any machine, whatever its age and make.

The panel is presented as a cost-effective solution to updating equipment. The control is easy to operate and can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Vital information can be provided—ranging from the number of machine loads completed in a particular time to machine fault listings.

“The CLC program is easy to use and is more cost-effective since it allows greater management of the machine,” commented Graham King of Broadbent. “With its accurate timing for all the processes, the cost of materials such as soaps, bleaches and fabric conditioners can be kept to a minimum.”

The CLC scores over the mechanical card controller by giving outstanding reliability and having the capability of being able to provide processing data historically.

Also, the CLC may be used to replace a microprocessor controller—the CLC offers greater flexibility in the number of programs and steps available, and it is better at pinpointing and correcting faults.

Panels are supplied with millennium compliant documentation, and have been developed to allow old equipment to meet current health and safety requirements.

• Technology from Broadbent allows up to 32 machines to be linked to a PC so that managers can view a whole process from an office.