Following a distinguished and varied career spanning more than 30 years, as a design technician, Kannegiesser UK announced today that former production manager, design technician and founder member of Supertrack, Reginald Chainey has retired.


Starting out as a keen welder at Futurail in the late 1970’s, a young Chainey was assigned to development work as he had the creative skills to take basic designs, and using the sparse facilities available to him, turn them into innovative practical products. In 1985 Reg was instrumental in the set-up and development of the Supertrack monorail factory. Gradually he helped to develop and test the essential components that make up a monorail system. Eventually there was a working loop system that could be demonstrated to customers with confidence.

Neil Hyett, design office manager, told LCN: “Reg’s leadership and innovation have kept us ahead of our competitors, both nationally and globally. His attention to detail, whilst keeping the broader picture in mind, has been invaluable. His willingness to devote extra time and effort to help us meet deadlines has demonstrated a commitment to excellence that we have come to depend on. We are all indebted to his vision and commitment for being key in propelling us to our present position in the industry. His work has helped to assure our success for many years to come.

“We all owe Reg a debt of gratitude for all the times he has helped keep us ‘on track’, on time and within budget. In addition to his incredible competence and skill, he has been a friend to all.”