Rinnai UK which manufactures and supplies  instant, continuous, limitless and sensibly economic temperature controlled hot water solutions for every type of commercial site, now offers its units with Rinnai’s own-brand scale inhibitor system.

Rinnai, the UK leader in water heating units and systems for commercial sites, is introducing the Nexus scale conditioner system, an independently tested and proven galvanic and electrolytic water treatment solution in a self-cleaning package.

Untreated hard water in water-carrying pipes and plant can result in sizeable maintenance costs, energy usage increases and sudden premature mechanical failure. System efficiency is decreased and lifetime costs are increased with Legionella prevention potentially more problematic to manage with these factors leading to increased treatment costs and potential compliance issues, which are easily avoidable.

Scale is the product of calcite in water forming hard crystalline deposits. In large areas of the UK water hardness will exceed the maximum limit and provision should be made to control the rate of formation.

Rinnai’s Nexus features simple installation, as it has inline fitting with a supplied earth strap and operates completely without external electricity or ongoing maintenance or the high costs like those associated with salt based systems. In operation, the Rinnai Nexus produces minute amounts of high purity zinc that reacts with calcite. This modifies calcite to adhesion neutral aragonite, which is simply discharged with the water.

It is always active when installed and has a Patented internal self-cleaning system with no requirement for additional filtration. The Rinnai Nexus has an operating life of between 7 plus years.

The Rinnai Nexus system is available in sizes that can deal with an expansive flow rate requirement. Standard Nexus packages will deal with flowrates up to 28 litres per minute with the Nexus Flowpack 1; Flowpack 2 will cater for flow rates up to 44 litres per minute whilst Flowpack 3 can go up to 86 litres per minute. Bespoke packages are available for greater flow rates and all parts are fully recyclable.

Rinnai’s complete range of hot water heating units are available for next day delivery on orders placed before the previous mid-day.

Rinnai is the world’s leading manufacturer of continuous flow hot water systems – it makes and sells 2 million units each year. The range of units can be manifolded to supply, limitless hot water to any site of any size. It also means far less space spent on plant rooms and no or little maintenance as all units are proven to be robust with a long, long working life.

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