Detergent manufacturer RP Adam (Arpal Group) is set to increase the production capacity at its Selkirk-based UK headquarters by more than 40% following a £125,000 investment in new filling line technology.

The company has installed a six head multi-filling line with the capability to produce and additional 2.5 million litres of liquid product every year, with a run rate of up to 2,000 bottles every hour.
The new process, which transfers liquid detergent and cleaning fluid from mixing tanks to bottles ranging from 750ml to five litres in size, is part of Arpal Group’s five-year 20/20 investment programme geared to increasing turnover to £20 million by the year 2020.

Martin Carroll, RP Adam’s group technical director, believes the new filling line will give a significant boost to the company’s capabilities, as UK production volumes increase to match year-on-year sales growth.
“With several new long-term contracts bedded in and a number of supply partnerships starting to bear fruit, we decided now is the time to invest in improving the entire site – both from a capacity and operational standpoint,” he said.