Fisher began his career in 1965 when he joined the National Institute of Drycleaning, a predecessor to DLI, as a lab technician and later he served as director of the institute’s Silver Spring Operations. In 1995, Fisher was appointed executive vice president/CEO of the organisation, which was then known as the International Fabricare Institute.

Fisher led DLI’s regulatory and lobbying activities and was responsible for initiating and leading the association’s successful lawsuit against OSHA’s designation of perc as a human carcinogen.

Responding to the industry’s changing needs and use of technology, Fisher introduced several additional services for members, including DLI’s Encyclopaedia of Drycleaning CD-ROM, Hot Press and Heads Up email newsletters and Pro-Tek badges.

DLI president Rick Kasperbauer thanked Fisher for his years of service and dedication to the institute and the drycleaning industry, saying that Fisher had made a tremendous contribution to DLI over the years.

Mary Scalco has been at the institute for 24 years and has been a director of education and government relations before becoming senior vice president in 2000.