A recent damages claim against Sketchley and its parent company Minit was settled for £235 at High Wycombe County Court in February.

Simon Larter was claiming the cost of replacing a lightweight summer suit, part of which had been damaged while in Sketchley’s care. The company had admitted liability and made an offer to Mr Larter.

A company spokeswoman told LCN that this was based on a valuation of the garment by the TSA, taking into account the suit’s condition prior to cleaning, Mr Larter however thought that the amount was insufficient and went to court to claim the cost of a replacement.


He was advised by the judge that should the case go to a full hearing, he might be awarded a lesser sum than that already offered.

He was told that in cases of compensation, a claimant cannot leave court in a better position than he was in before he entered into a contract.

Although he accepted the advice of the court, Mr Larter later issued a statement in which he said that he was genuinely surprised by the aggressive approach taken by Sketchley when negotiations first began.

“It appeared to me that they were more interested in saving money than saving a customer” said Mr Larter. He told LCN that he believed the cost of an equivalent suit to replace his damaged one would cost around £500.