With just under a year to go before doors open on Texcare International, the textile care trade fair in Frankfurt, preparations are in full swing. All market leaders have already registered with the signs pointing to a significant increase in exhibition space compared to the last event.

The next Texcare International will be held in Frankfurt am Main from 20 to 24 June 2020 and, as for the first time in 2016, occupy Halls 8 and 9. Kerstin Horaczek, group show director technology of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition, said: “We are very pleased that our concept for expanding the fair has been so successful. At the coming event, we aim to take particular advantage of the potential for growth offered by Hall 9.0. This means we will be able to react much better to market developments, such as the growing significance of IT and logistics solutions in the sector.”

The rapid spread of digitalisation continues to be the driving force of innovation in the sector with the trend shifting from digital to smart – intelligent textiles communicate with intelligent machines and organise themselves. The basis for this is a smart flow of data, as well as the use of RFID and robot technology.

Elgar Straub, managing director of VDMA Textile Care, Fabric and Leather Technologies, said: “Digitalisation is already widespread in the textile care sector, especially when it comes to logistic processes. Accordingly, the industry will present numerous innovations that go a step further and take account of the demands of the smart factory at next June’s Texcare International.”

Other facets of digitalisation include new business models between laundries or drycleaners and their customers and/or suppliers. Online shops and apps are gaining in significance to cater for the demand for readily available, fresh and hygienic laundry. The digital-transformation process is also impacting on the fields of training and professional development with, for example, more and more e-learning units being offered.

All these themes will be covered by the complementary programme of events at Texcare International. The Texcare Forum plays a vital role in the international transfer of knowledge and the exchange of ideas and opinions between experts and business partners. When it comes to planning the conference, Messe Frankfurt works closely together with the German Textile Cleaning Association (Deutscher Textilreinigungsverband – DTV), VDMA Textile Care, Fabric and Leather Technologies and other organisations. Awards ceremonies, competitions and a fashion show will round off the programme of events at the trade fair. For further information, go to