German textile care sector software specialist SoCom, ask laundry operators: “ Are you fed up with the countless tally lists when processing customers' own laundry?” If the answer is yes, the company believes it has just the right solution.

SoCom’s TIKOS module enables paperless recording at every station – with just one click. Using individually definable quantity buttons, quantities may be entered exactly where they occur. The data is available in the system in real time to be evaluated and processed, transmission errors are reduced and time-consuming subsequent entries in the system are a thing of the past.

Advantages include paperless recording, no tally lists, automatic data transfer, process optimisation and no errors by data transmission, says the company.

“We go one step further,” said a SoCom spokesperson. “By transferring the data to our texRoute app, your driver can view the packed containers for loading directly on a mobile device. This saves time and additional work.” It is another step on the way for businesses on the route to laundry 4.0.

SoCom’s TIKOS, is an ERP system, a modular solution for comprehensive process management. This solution, says SoCom,  is ideal for large as well as smaller businesses, with software based on a consistent concept, which will integrate seamlessly into the production process and all other workflows. “Despite increasing complexity we uphold the clear structure and simple usability. Maximum profitability, transparency and planning security – with TIKOS as a whole, we offer completely new possibilities to our customers to secure the company's economic success,” said SoCom.

Numerous app and web solutions complete the TIKOS range. SoCom contuously develops the IT, drawing on the latest technologies.