The Textile Services Association (TSA) has announced an important new stage in its partnership with its North America counterpart, the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA). Both associations have agreed to work closer to share knowledge with one another across key areas. This initiative will help drive improvements in the services provided to both TSA and TRSA members, said the TSA. The areas include training and certification as well as aligning future global industry strategies and policies.

The TSA recently sent a team to America to TRSA head office in Alexandria, Virginia where it met Joe Ricci, the president and CEO of the TRSA and other members of the North Amercan association’s leadership. A key element was the opportunity for the TSA’s team to examine the certification system and methodology the TRSA has developed for linen rental operations. TRSA quantifies the industry’s commitment to cleanliness and sustainability through its Clean Green and Hygienically Clean Certification programs. as well as its professional qualification Certified Professional Laundry Manager (CPLM) designation. “You can only be impressed with what they have built,” said David Stevens, CEO of the TSA.

The TSA’s director of finance and membership was also able to sit in on a meeting of the TRSA’s diversity and inclusion committee, discussing approaches and sharing ideas on this vital topic. 

The TSA visitors also attended the TRSA’s 13th annual legislative conference at the Westin City Center in Washington DC. There, Shyju Skariah, TSA director of programmes and projects, gave a keynote presentation to the Next Generation Committee which focused on the TSA’s sustainability roadmap.  He also explained how the TSA supported by the TRSA, has been collaborating with De Montfort University in the UK to support its research into subjects relevant to hygiene management in the commercial laundry industry, including comparisons with the domestic and OPL markets.

The final day of the conference was focused on face-to-face meetings with federal legislators and key staff members. “This kind of contact between the Government and the laundry industry is something we would love to arrange in the UK,” said Stevens. Kevin Schwalb, vice president of government relations at the TRSA, has kindly agreed to support this agenda with us in the UK.”

“Throughout my tenure with TRSA, we shared information about industry trends and best practices,” said Joe Ricci. “Since the pandemic, we have increasingly worked closely with the TSA in the UK and have formed strong working relationships. The recent visit from the team has further built on this partnership.“

Stevens is confident that the trip marks an important new phase in the relationship for both organisations. “It was fantastic to meet with Joe and the rest of the team at the TRSA. While their operation is ten times the size of the TSA we have so much in common – after all, laundry is laundry wherever it’s processed,” he says. “It was great to watch and learn from the TRSA Team and also share some of the work we said done. It really felt like a win-win trip! Going forward we are going to have regular meetings to build further on the relationship, and we are delighted that Joe agreed to speak at our Spring Conference about how we can continue to develop this partnership.”

The conference takes place on 3-4 May. For the LCN preview of the event please visit

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