The Textile Rental Association (TRSA) has recertified Campus Laundry, a southern-California-based healthcare launderer with plants in Turlock and La Selva Beach in California and Reno, Nevada, in its Clean Green programme, reflecting the company’s dedication to standards for operational efficiency and sustainability. The certification quantifies green performance by measuring adherence to TRSA-designated water and energy use thresholds and verifies use of green best management practices (BMPs) by inspecting laundry plant operations. 

Campus Laundry earned Clean Green certification initially in 2014. The designation is valid for three years at a time.

 “I applaud Campus Laundry for their ongoing sustainability efforts and maintaining the highest standards in their production and delivery operations,” said Joseph Ricci, TRSA president and CEO. “Meeting all the criteria for certification is not easy, but the company is committed to industry-leading processes and technologies.”