Daniel Karholt of Sveriges Tvätteriförbund the Swedish Textile Services Association told LCNi he expects 200 delegates to its autumn meeting in November which will be a joint affair with the Danish Textile Services Association (BVT). The event will take place on 16 November at Profilhotels Halmstad Plaza, Halmstad, Sweden.

“This is the first time we have staged a joint meeting and the first time we will meet in the City of Halmstad, about two hours by train from Copenhagen Airport. And it fits well as we are nearly at the half-time for our Erasmus+ project,” said Karrholt. (Erasmus + is a EU sponsored project to promote sustainability).

“The Swedish and Danish partnership for cooperation and exchanges of practices aims to create a forum for knowledge sharing and comparison of current Scandinavian Quality Control models for the textile services industry. This can form the basis for progress and development of new Quality Control models that comply with different aspects of sustainability as well as European standards.

“The partnership aims to develop supplementary educational material connected to the Scandinavian quality control models that will help organisations and their workers achieve sustainable methods.

“At the heart of the project are inclusion and diversity and highlights the accessible and inclusive features to open up for people with fewer opportunities to be involved in all project activities,” explained Karrholt. He added that the project will also be exploring environment and climate change since the majority of the requirements in the authorisation controls are related to environment/sustainability. By giving employees access to information about why the quality requirements in the process  are important, and develop their skills on how to save resources, reduce energy etc. they can become true agents of change.

The focus of the meeting will be to engage the delegates in the process and get their interaction in the way forward. The final results will be presented at Texcare in November 2024. 

Other speakers include:

Daniel Brämhagen

Partner and EMEIA People Sustainability lead at EY

Presentation on the report "The value of being able to be yourself – What potential is there in a more inclusive school and workplace?" which was recently published by EY and the Princes' Foundation. The report shows that there is an untapped potential among neurodivergent people, which includes neuropsychiatric functional variations, NPF (eg ADHD, autism, Tourette's symptoms, language disorder, dyslexia).

The number of diagnosed people is increasing in society, while only 48%of people with NPF are in work compared to 73 percent of the general popular tion. The report shows that society does not take advantage of the diversified workforce and that improved inclusion could generate annual social gains of approximately SEK 67 billion.”

Cecilia Tall

Program manager for the strategic innovation program RE:source

Tall is program manager for the strategic innovation program RE:source, which works for material use within the planet's limits through innovation and competitiveness. Previously, she was general secretary for TEKO, Sweden's textile and fashion company. She was one of the members of the government's cooperation program for business climate change and led the working group for circular design. Cecilia has a good knowledge of what the industry demands in the future, both materials, future production technologies and new products, and an overview of the Swedish research projects and upcoming legislation that exists in the field today. Within the assignment for RE:source, she represents the program in various working groups and boards with the main focus on leading to a transition to a sustainable and circular bio-based industry.

Urszula Hansson

Social Democratic municipal council in Halmstad and 1st vice chairman of the municipal board's community building committee

Kenneth Sjökvist, business development manager, EnRival

EnRival is an employment agency that creates opportunities. They put people to work and businesses in motion, and have done so since the start in 2005. EnRival helps those who are outside the labor market to get there. At the same time, they ensure that business customers get the skills they need to meet their needs.

Nils Lekeberg, vice president and founder, Enjay

Enjay is a Swedish greentech company with a focus on energy efficiency in polluted exhaust air from, for example, restaurants, laundries, the wood industry or food production. It has developed a technical platform that is able to recover energy where traditional techniques do not work.

Enajy's first innovation, Lepido, is a Swedish-developed, extra durable "heavy-duty" heat exchanger. It makes it not only possible, but also profitable to recover energy from polluted exhaust air.

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