UPDATED STORY: The horrific situation in Ukraine is creating a human tragedy the like of which we have not seen in Europe since the Second World War. More than 1 million Ukrainians have left the country what is the fastest exodus this century, according to new United Nations figures.

So, what can we do to help? Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is urging Britons donate money through the Ukrainian embassy to be spent on weaponry and aid, or to volunteer with charitable organisations such as:

The UN estimates more than four million refugees may need protection and assistance in neighbouring countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova in the coming months.

The TSA has contacted the Red Cross to see if it would be helpful to send linen and towelling to them for Ukraine and the organisation has now confirmed it is not collecting blankets, clothing or any other items, but cash donations are by far the most suitable way to help people and to support the work of the Red Cross in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.