This was manufacturer Tolon’s first time at Clean Show and it showed off a bright new livery alongside its products across the stand. At the beginning of the year, marketing agency ARK BBN was hired for positioning the brand as a global quality offering as Tolon steps forward from being “a local and international company to an international company with manufacturing in Turkey”, according to Carine Derez, Tolon’s vice president sales Europe.

“Since the beginning of 2019 we have introduced a fully dedicated USA sales and service team in Panama City, Florida and warehousing on the East and West coast. This year we are now ready to launch into the USA and we have a strong presence at Clean to push this forward. “We are producing products for the global market that are meeting all required international standards,” she explained.

David Vervaet, Tolon vice president sales global, commented: “At Clean we have seen so many people on the stand –  the first and the second days were brilliant (LCN caught up with Tolon on the second day). Tolon is the fastest growing company in this industry on many levels and that includes product development, brand recognition and turnover. We offer quality engineering to fabricate robust machines. Tolon has no secrets – we are an honest company and will always tell the truth and we stand for that. Of course, we want to make profit but we also want to make the best.”

He is proud that the Tolon name stands on its own merits: “What makes us unique, for example, is that in our partnership with a multinational like JENSEN-GROUP– a stock exchange quoted company – we supply our machines worldwide as JENSEN badged because they meet their very strict quality requirements.”

Three fully Tolon-equipped laundromats have opened in Los Angeles, California designed by Automated Laundry Systems (ALS) and other projects are on the way using the upgraded range of coin-op models featuring the new machines which have a display adapted to the market.

Visitors to a busy Tolon stand could inspect first-hand the new 18kg TWE washer extractor and the TFI6026 cylinder heated ironer which comes with the options of single lane longitudinal folder based on a photocell system and a 3- lane light indication for operation based on the temperature of the roll. Also featured were the TTD20 and TTD 60 tumble dryers for OPL and the TTF200 towel folder which can process up to 1,200 pieces an hour.