David Stevens, CEO of the Textile Services Association (TSA) , has a positive message for TSA members at Easter, saying: “I have used the ‘green shoots of recovery’ phrase four times in my introductions and I have been wrong every time, so I am not going to mention it.  However, the industry is now talking about bouncing back, our customers are generally more optimistic and we have the furlough scheme to support us through the summer so I do believe we have some justification to look forward with some optimism. 

“It still won’t be easy, the bounce back will be regional, aged debt is going to become a real issue as we find out who has survived and managing cash flow will probably be the biggest challenge.”

Stevens continued, saying TSA is confident businesses will get through it all and reminding launderers in all sectors that the TSA is here to support its membership in any way it can.

TSA has reduced membership subs for 2021 and although Stevens acknowledged the reduction may not make a massive difference in the scale of things “every penny helps”.

TSA continues to lobby the Government on behalf of its members, (notably on Covid-19 relief and keeping the pressure up for textiles to replace disposable PPE); run online webinars and meetings and; is partnering with other trade associations to push its message home.

Already having forged a fruitful bond with UKHospitality, the association that supports the hospitality industry, TSA has joined the British Cleaning Council (BCC) as an associate member. “We are delighted to join the BCC and work collectively with so many like-minded organisations,” said Stevens.

“We have so many harmonised agenda points I think the collective power of the BCC can really help drive these topics to some of the key decision makers in Government.  I see real benefits for our membership and improved momentum on some of our key project areas such as training, linen recycling and energy efficiency incentives, including the climate change agreement,” said Stevens.

"An individual trade association can find it difficult to get space on the lobbying platform.  Working with the BCC will be a great way of sharing and supporting a single message, benefitting all members.”

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