The Textile Services Association (TSA) spring conference heard CEO David Stevens present a quick update on the TSA’s Climate Change Agreement Scheme (CCA), making reference to the late Murray Simpson, former CEO of TSA, whose legacy the CCA is. “I love this topic as it enables me to talk about Murray and climate change is defiantly a Murray legacy, if you don’t know who Murray was, he was our CEO for many years before tragically being killed in a road accident.”

Stevens is emphatic that: “CCA saves money, £32 million since 2012 and has seen a 30% improvement in energy efficiency over the same period. There are lots of benefits to the scheme and the biggest is that it makes you focus on energy savings and when you focus on it you will make the difference. When we started our sustainability journey our retained expert Christoph Geppert of Grain Sustainability was astounded by the information, we already had on our carbon emissions.”

However,  the scheme has been closed to new entrants for two years and was due to totally close in 2025 but thanks to TSA technology expert Shyju Skariah and TSA lobbying experts Jacobs, the scheme has been extended with the introduction of a Target Period 6. “It’s probably one of the blessings of Covid that the Government simply ran out of time for a new scheme and accepted the lobbying points. BEIS has also been replaced by a new department called DESNZ which is probably good news for our industry as they don’t know how to get there, and we are part of the solution,” said Stevens.