SmartBuy|TK is a new company that is focused on helping entrepreneurs to break into the employee apparel sales industry and enabling existing businesses to expand their uniform sales.

With SmartBuy|TK, businesses can focus on increasing sales opportunities by selling high-quality uniforms, scrubs and work apparel from SmartBuy|TK’s selection of leading brands, while SmartBuy|TK provides consultation, sales tools and start-to-finish support to help them succeed.

SmartBuy|TK offers a touch-free, direct ship approach to uniform sales that leverages technology to help businesses manage product catalogues, decorations on apparel, inventory, warehousing and shipping.

SmartBuy|TK offers two different membership options — one for new uniform businesses and one for established businesses looking to improve their employee apparel program sales. Through this “Join, Sell, Earn” approach, business owners can easily access the tools and resources they need to increase uniform sales and manage comprehensive employee apparel programs.

SmartBuy|TK membership also gives business owners the ability to access to SmartBuy|TK’s web-based ordering technology, allowing them to create customized online stores for their customers to simplify the ordering process. These customized websites feature the specific products the customer wants included in their uniform program and allow the customer to add, remove and manage employee shoppers so individual staff or designated team members can place orders as needed.

“Selling employee apparel programs is often impractical for individuals and businesses because it requires too much inventory and too much labour, without enough return to make those efforts worthwhile,” said Rick Levine, chief marketing officer for SmartBuy|TK. “SmartBuy|TK changes all of that. We take the challenges of managing merchandise and developing sales tools off our members’ plates and give them the support they need to sell uniform programs efficiently and successfully.”