In June, LCN caught up with Sandy and Angie Alexander who are selling their successful three-site business, Staypress, after 32 years trading. The business has grown over time from an at-home ironing service started by Angie, to three outlets in the Lothians ­ Musselburgh, Haddington and Dalkeith – offering laundry, ironing and drycleaning services to local households. Although the business has stood up well to the ravages of the pandemic, and back in June was beginning to see an uplift in demand, the couple recently took stock and decided it was time to ‘seize the day’ and move on to a new life in Spain.

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Sandy got in touch in December to tell LCN: “I’m sorry it’s been so long since touching base with you, but unsurprisingly that’s because there has been no progress with the business sale since our last communiqué. There is still one potential investor who hasn’t walked away but equally hasn’t been forthcoming. In the current climate of uncertainty, this is no great shock to us, and we can but hope that if the country weathers the winter without too much damage then confidence will be brighter in the Spring.

“In the meantime, it’s nice to say business is probably back to 85-90% of pre-Covid levels which is good for the mind as well as the bank! Angie and I commuting to and from Spain as much as our Brexit limit of 90 days in 180 permits. I shall obviously update you the moment there is some real news.”

We look forward to hearing from Sandy and Angie in the New Year.