VClean Life, the drop-and-go clothes cleaning vending service, is offering outsourced production to high-street drycleaners who want to join its eco-revolution. The company said that it has already been contacted by a number of drycleaning businesses, who are keen to join forces and outsource their cleaning to reduce the impact traditional techniques have on the environment.

VClean Life is expanding production and is happy to discuss opportunities with other like-minded cleaners who, may be unable to invest in the latest machinery and technology, but still want to offer their customers an eco-friendly alternative and more effective service.  
VClean Life’s founder and MD is Nick Harris, who formerly headed up operations at Aquascutum before founding a uniform and drycleaning business in 2001, which has now evolved to become VClean Life.

“Over the many years that we've been in the drycleaning industry, we realised that convenience and low pricing were critical to business success, but that was at the expense of the environment,” he said. “This had to change. We knew that greener options were available so we decided to bring genuine green cleaning to the masses.

“Not only is VClean Life able to clean ecologically using state-of-the-art technology, with the creation of the VDrop machines, we are able to offer 24 hour convenience at a fraction of the price of the high street and laundry delivery services.

“We are the only company in the UK that can offer entirely 100% environmentally friendly, large scale, garment care, which also includes recycling water throughout the cleaning process.”

VClean Life’s 11,500 square foot wetcleaning facility in Watford will start by serving over 200 new VDrop green-cleaning vending machines that will begin to appear over London and the South East – the most recent at Epping train station with more to follow in the next few weeks.

The “drop-and-go” style vending machines will enable office workers to simply drop-off their items and pick up their clean clothes in 24 hours, at a cost of just £3 per garment, said the company. Further VDrops will appear in major London office buildings and corporate blue chip sites such as global law, accountancy and banking firms, before rolling out nationally in 2019.