OPEN HOUSE: Hemant Zavery carrying out a wet cleaning demonstration


In partnership with William Clements (Chemicals) Ltd and National Laundry (NLIE) laundry chemicals specialist Christeyns ran the second of its 2018 wet cleaning events. The two-day open house event, run on the last weekend of September at McCall Cleaners in Belfast, Northern Ireland, showcased Christeyns’ innovative AquaWave concept in combination with premium National Laundry equipment.

“Holding the event in a working venue was a real bonus,” said Hemant Zavery, business development manager and wet cleaning specialist at Christeyns. “McCall Cleaners moved over to wet cleaning earlier in the year and has had great success. We were able to demonstrate the system in action and visitors to the event could experience the feel, fragrance and finish of the textiles.”

McCall proprietor, Colin McCall, said the move to wet cleaning has been a very positive step and results have been outstanding, allowing them to be able to provide both an efficient and environmentally friendly service.

Brendan Clifford from NLIE said: “It was a very successful open day and we are already getting some great feedback.”

AquaWave, from Cole & Wilson, part of the Christeyns family, is sold under the Pro-Fit range of products. AquaWave can be used on a wide range of textiles and even suede, leather and Ugg boots can be cleaned using the system.