America’s Best Cleaners is a certification agency and an industry-leading team of consultants which assists owners, managers, and team members to realise their full potential while striving for continued personal and professional success. The CTDA, with a rich heritage dating back to 1888, remains at the forefront of the industry, setting standards and fostering innovation. ABC and CTDA have established a synergistic partnership built on combining the finest in traditional skills development, fashionforward education, and sharing of best practices in the luxury fashion retail space.

The Designer Forum commenced with outgoing president Luke Mayes introducing incoming president Peter Roberti Jr, followed by an expert panel of industry experts, including ABC’s Chris White, Mitch Gambert of Mel Gambert Shirts, Danny and Kenny King of King Brothers Clothiers, Angel Ramos of ANGEL RAMOS | New York, Arnie Roberti of Adrian Jules Custom Clothing, and Vincent Thériault of SurMesur.

The panellists had the opportunity to share insights and expertise after they gave their 10-minute presentations. Topics ranged from the intricate art of shirt making to essential aspects of business planning and brand creation. Discussions delved into the nuances of effective communication, strategies for scaling a business, and the vital importance of garment care in the life cycle of custom clothing.

CTDA president Peter Roberti Jr said: “We curated a dynamic panel of experts with diverse skill sets and deep expertise within the custom clothing industry. Chris White from America’s Best Cleaners provided invaluable knowledge crucial to the care of high-end garments alongside experts in manufacturing and branding. The collective impact of our panellists in such a condensed time frame was remarkable, particularly in educating our clients on proper garment care. We eagerly anticipate the continued participation of America’s Best Cleaners in future events.”

White contributed his perspective on garment care, highlighting the critical role it plays in preserving the quality and longevity of custom and couture clothing. Through engaging dialogue and practical advice, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the holistic journey involved in creating and maintaining high-end garments. “As executive director of America’s Best Cleaners, I’m thrilled to celebrate over a decade of collaboration with the Custom Tailors and Designers Association. Our joint efforts, highlighted by my recent keynote at the Designer Forum in New York City, reinforce our commitment to sustainability and excellence in luxury fashion. This partnership elevates our affiliates and the greater industry and advocates for the longevity of well-crafted garments through expert care. Together, we’re setting standards for quality and sustainability, ensuring a lasting impact.”

Gently used garments

In other news, ABC is excited to announce the extension of its impactful partnership with Dress for Success Pittsburgh into the year 2024, marked by the continued success of the EmpowerWear programme. EmpowerWear, a collaborative initiative focused on empowering women, supporting local communities, and promoting environmental sustainability, has witnessed significant achievements since its launch.

In conjunction with its local affiliate, Owl Cleaners, ABC will continue its commitment to collecting ‘gently used’ women’s professional and casual attire. The pilot program, which ran from 15 August to 15 September 2023, will be further expanded and developed to maximise its positive impact on the community.

Through biannual collection campaigns and an engaging social media presence, the EmpowerWear partnership aims to provide professional and casual attire to women in need, fostering economic independence and enhancing access to employment opportunities. ABC, along with its partners Little Moon Marketing and Cleaners Supply, remains dedicated to positively empowering women in the workplace and contributing to the mission of circularity through apparel reuse in the nonprofit space.

ABC executive director, Chris White, emphasised the profound significance of the Dress For Success program, saying: “Our collaboration and launch of our pilot program with Dress For Success Pittsburgh seamlessly aligns with our core values of garment sustainability and circularity. This partnership not only empowers women but also magnifies our local affiliates’ positive influence on their communities and internal team culture, embodying our mission to create meaningful, lasting impact while minimizing our impact on the environment.”

Tanya Vokes, CEO of Dress for Success Pittsburgh, added: “Being a part of the EmpowerWear pilot in 2023 has been hugely helpful to our organisation, resulting in over 1,500 donated pieces of business and business casual women’s clothing. These donations made it possible for us to provide clothing and employment readiness services to women heading into interviews and new jobs across the region. In addition, the initiative helped us raise awareness of our mission with customers who may be interested in getting involved as volunteers and MGC Networking Group members. We look forward to continuing to grow this partnership in the new year!”

To participate in the EmpowerWear program, Owl Cleaners customers can anticipate an enhanced experience, including hang tags and text notifications before their scheduled delivery. EmpowerWear garment bags will be provided along with drycleaning deliveries, with Owl Cleaners collecting donations on pick-up day.

“We’re looking forward to expanding the programme in the spring of 2024 to include Pittsburgh and four additional markets,” said White. “The goal is to have all ABC national affiliates on board by Q1 of 2025 to maximise our impact as a national affiliation.”


CINET, an international umbrella organisation for the global professional textile care industry, is now making preparations for the next edition scheduled for 8-9 November 2024 at Texcare International (6-9 November 2024) in Frankfurt, Germany. Cinet is also inviting national associations from all parts of the world to cooperate via a co-host arrangement to present the PTC industry at its best. Plus, there is the added incentive that a forward-thinking drycleaner or launderer could also ‘hack’ into a €20,000 award.

Cinet has started preparations for the 6th Edition of the GBAP, this time accompanied by its first professional textile care (PTC) World Congress. For professional textile care operations, quality, service, innovation and sustainability are the key issues for meeting customer needs. The potential of the PTC industry to contribute to economic, social and circular development will be highlighted for a world audience and demonstrated by the best performing companies from all over the word, says Cinet.

A new initiative, the Growth Hacker Award, has been added to Cinet’s GBAP and has been received with great enthusiasm, according to the organiser. Many ‘young-minded’ professionals and entrepreneurs have already responded positively to this addition.

PTC professionals interested in entering for the Growth Hacker Award with €20,000 investment money for the winner, can register with the Cinet secretariat: The template for registration will be available soon at News Special page on the Cinet website and can also be sent upon request. The final expiry date for applications is 1 September.