Alliance Laundry Systems announced on 11 May that it will discontinue sales and marketing of IPSO-branded laundry equipment in the USA and Canada, beginning in April of 2018. Sales of the brand outside of the USA and Canada will not be affected.

“This decision, while difficult for our IPSO distributors, was one we felt is necessary for our total distribution network and Alliance Laundry Systems moving forward,” said William Bittner, vice president North American Sales for Alliance Laundry Systems. “Rationalisation of our brands within our North American portfolio was the primary driver behind the move,” he added.

Alliance will continue to support IPSO products through its Customer One organisation, offering parts access and the world’s largest commercial laundry technical support team.

“Alliance Laundry Systems remains committed to delivering exceptional service and support for customers who rely on installed IPSO equipment,” said Mark Schram, North American sales manager for the IPSO brand.

IPSO commercial products for vended laundries and on-premises laundries are currently sold in the United States and Canada through 64 distributors. Over the next year, Alliance will work closely with these distributors to help them prepare for the discontinuation of the brand.