Australian-headquartered commercial laundry solutions provider, Bundle Laundry has expanded its services to the UK and Ireland.

Specialising in laundry management and automation solutions, Bundle Laundry has a wealth of experience in working with commercial laundries, with more than 125 active systems around the world.

Bundle is gaining the support and confidence of a number of leading UK laundries, all with the local support of Bundle Laundry’s business partner Laundry Engineering Services (LES).

John Haden, director at LES, said: “Working with Bundle these past few months has made me realise how committed they are to their clients. I am confident that commercial laundries in the UK and Ireland will benefit greatly from the solutions they offer.”

Michael Johns, CEO at Bundle Laundry, is optimistic this new partnership will help laundries adopt sophisticated automation and tech-driven systems that reorient the way the industry operates. He said: “Commercial laundries around the world are facing significant growth opportunities and potential. In my experience, it’s impossible to make the most of these if you aren’t managing your laundry efficiently – and Bundle can help with this.”

These solutions leverage some of the market’s most sophisticated functionalities including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) linen tracking, GPS route optimisation, multi-site reporting, and advanced invoice, processing, and packing functionality.

Daniel Shepard from CanDo Laundry said: “We were struggling to maintain consistent levels of productivity and efficiency, especially across multiple sites. With Bundle Connect, we’ve managed to ensure a smooth transformation, which consistently helps us achieve greater results.”