At Clean UK, Goudkuil, and its UK partner Laundryquip, will be focussing on a range of new laundry equipment, although the company is well known as a leading world supplier of re-built industrial laundry machines.

The Speedmaster range of new machines includes both high and low-speed washer-extractors in sizes from 7kg to 110kg and compact drying tumblers which are available in gas, steam, or electric heating versions.

Goudkuil has had a huge success with Speedmaster machines in its native Holland and throughout Europe. They have proved popular both with OPLs , including nursing homes, hotels, and fitness clubs, and also with larger industrial laundries wanting small capacity machines to work alongside fully automated systems.

Albert Goudkuil, speaking for his company, said that the Wembley-based show would be an ideal vehicle for development of the growing UK market, with the help of its experienced UK partner, Laundryquip.