The company’s rotating garment dispenser system will be introduced on stand 3267 during the four-day show. The system automates the manual sorting process, and features a robotic arm that places pre-hung garments on a routing hook to ensure that the right garments arrive at the right customer.

“Industrial launderers are under pressure to improve throughput while controlling costs. The rotating garment dispenser system allows them to do both,” says Ken Boyle, president of Datamars North America. “This is a tremendous advantage to plants with manual sorting because now they can add the speed and accuracy of full automation at a fraction of the cost.”

The Datamars tunnel antenna also makes its debut. It allows industrial launderers to read more than 50 items on a conveyor in less than 10 seconds. The tunnel antenna can identify a garment regardless of orientation of the transponder.

The Datamars sling bag reading system automates the validation of incoming garments in a closed sling bag. It can read up to 400 garments in various sling bag systems up to a 250lb sling bag in less than 60 seconds, with greater than 98% accuracy. As a result, industrial launderers can significantly reduce stock room inventory and related sorter personnel.

Finally, the Datamars bundle reader system allows industrial launderers to account for each garment as it is bundled before it enters the final shipment area. The system provides read verification from single to continuous flow or complete bundles of approximately 15 garments per second. The bundle reader system is compact and can be integrated with existing conveyor systems.