Domus, which is celebrating its centenary this year, has been connecting with distributors and existing and potential customers from around the globe over the past two weeks. The company staged an exhibition for the export market and its home and South American markets respectively at its newly-expanded facility in Vic, near Barcelona.

The Domus brand was inaugurated in 1922 in Vic by founding company Talleres Roca. One hundred years later the brand is still going strong and is demonstrating its successful global reach today.

The solutions on show epitomised Domus’ aim to design laundry equipment in accordance with five concepts which are fundamental to the company: high performance, energy efficiency, connectivity, robustness and versatility.

Exhibited in the new extension to the factory and attracting considerable attention in these days of rocketing fuel prices, were the Domus ‘Ecovolution’’ washing machines, tumble dryers and calenders. “We have made a strong commitment to the most advanced technology, developing special features in each of our ranges. In this way, we have created a new generation of highly efficient products for our clients, which boast low consumption and high technological specifications,” said Gemma Colomer, Domus communications and marketing manager.

An Eco-Energy washer coupled with Domus’ Ecotank can offer savings of up to 70% over traditional models, said Colomer, adding, “If you are looking for the most efficient dryers on the market, it is important that you take a few minutes to look at all the features of our eco-energy range or heat pump dryers. These dryers have been exclusively designed to obtain the highest energy efficiency levels, while always achieving high productivity and the best possible quality with each dry.” Meanwhile Eco-Energy Touch II compact ironer, developed with hotel OPL in mind, will iron-dry flatwork and fold it in a small footprint.

The exhibition clustered laundry solutions by sector – hospitality OPL, Heathcare OPL, including barrier washers and industrial laundry machines. An attractive aspect of Domus washer design is that the machines may be easily adapted to different disciplines, said Colomer, as any distributor can very quickly and easily repurpose for different applications if necessary which means operators could react positively to take advantage of a new revenue stream for example and ride out difficult trading conditions.

Wetcleaning is also a big part of Domus offering. According to Colomer, the company’s one-stop-shop solution which includes washer, dryer and finish equipment as well as training and support, is proving popular in Spain’s healthcare industry.

The exhibition, complete with seminars, did a good job of showing off Domus’ latest technological innovations. The first week, was aimed at the export market, while week two was devoted to the Spanish market and South America. Delegates were also taken on tour of the factory, which is pursuing ‘lean’ manufacturing and is about to take all its newly reorganised and updated parts business online. Look out, too, for its newly implemented online showroom.

“We have had a very good response to our exhibition,” said Colomer. “Everybody was pleased to be here after two years of enforced isolation because of Covid. For the people whom we invited that couldn’t attend it was mostly down to visa or travel restrictions. It was really good that our customers got to see the full range in person.”

Domus will be at the Clean Show, Atlanta, in the summer and ExpoDetergo in Milan in the autumn.